The Girl Before – J. P. Delaney


The Girl Before - J. P. Delaney


Book details

Original title: The Girl Before

Author: J. P. Delaney

Publication date: January 24th 2017

Original language: English

Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense


My review

Following a traumatic event, Jane tries to leave her past behind by moving into a new home. One Folgate Street, with its minimalist design, futuristic technology and extremely strict rules, is a beautiful but peculiar house. Jane finds herself drawn to this strange place – and to the architect who designed it, the handsome but mysterious Edward Monkford. But soon, Jane finds out that Emma, the previous tenant of the house, used to be Edward’s girlfriend before she died in a suspicious accident. And all of a sudden, the gorgeous home turns into a nightmare…

As a fan of thrillers and suspense novels, I found myself slightly disappointed with this book. While the initial plot was promising, I grew bored with the repetition of the same stories – Jane’s and Emma’s respective relationships with Edward are almost identical, and even their personalities and voices sound very similar. Moreover, I found the two women’s choices rather illogical at times and could not understand why they put up with Edward’s ludicrous demands and his controlling behavior.

That being said, the mystery surrounding Emma’s death was compelling and I spent the whole book wondering who the murderer was. If you like whodunits and psychological thrillers, you might enjoy this novel.



“I feel like a character in a film. Amongst so much good taste, the house somehow makes me walk more elegantly, stand in a more considered way, place myself within each vista for maximum effect. There’s no one to see me, of course, but One Folgate Street itself seems almost to become my audience, filling the sparse spaces with quiet, cinematic scores from Housekeeper’s automated playlist.”

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